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Miscellaneous Tips and Thoughts on Blackjack Shuffle Tracking

A Look at shuffle tracking

Shuffle tracking is a fascinating new technique used in blackjack. This method takes card counting one step further. Instead of just tracking cards as they are used, you follow them through to the next shuffle and the next. With shuffle tracking, you know where high count and low count groups of cards go. This knowledge allows you to be safely and correctly for your own benefit.

Shuffle Tracking and the True Count

Shuffle tracking goes together with card counting. These two techniques complement each other and the former has evolved from the latter. Shuffle tracking gives a more accurate picture of the shoe and when done correctly reaps bigger benefits than card counting alone.

The shuffle tracking and the card count can be used together to help you decide how to bet. You can choose to step up your bets only when the true count indicates it, or only when the shuffle track does, or when both do. You might want to rely more on shuffle tracking immediately after a new shuffle since this is when it is most useful. The true count, of course, works best at deeper penetration into the shoe.

Sizes of Clump or Tracking Units

When tracking clumps of cards, you will want to choose clump sizes that are neither too small nor too big. Very small clumps are more difficult to follow around with the eye. Very large clumps on the other hand, are bound to be less accurate. Your choice of clump sizes to use will most likely depend on the sizes of clumps that the dealer picks during shuffles.

Teams of Shuffle Trackers

It may be asked whether it is beneficial for shuffle trackers to work together as a team or go solo. Team efforts can be very effective but this will have to be carefully planned, members must be equally skilled and the role of each player understood clearly.

A shuffle tracking team can divide the work among members and just signal to one another. For instance, one member can track the clumps and signal when a clump unit is coming or about to end, while the rest focus on their hands. Or, players can occupy an entire table to get complete control of the cards.

There are many possibilities for shuffle tracking teams. But you should know that casinos are very wary of such connivance among players. People who often play together can easily become suspect. It might be more effective for the same team to play separately at different tables to avoid detection.