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Blackjack Shuffle Tracking and the Cut Card

A New Technique

shuffle tracking is not for novice blackjack players. But if you are an experienced card counter and you know basic strategy cold, you will want to try your hands (no pun intended) on this new technique. In this article, you will see how you can use the cut card in shuffle tracking.

Shuffling and Cutting

It is not enough to merely track cards and shuffles. Once you know where the good and bad regions of a shoe are, you must do something to take the bad ones out of play so the good cards can see action. This is when the cut card comes in.

As you may know, players get to take turns cutting the decks during a shuffle. Some players, especially beginners, are hesitant to do this. But the shuffle tracker will want to take every opportunity that comes along to cut the cards.

How do you use the cut card option in shuffle tracking? Well, you simply cut the decks in such a way that the clump of low cards end up on the surface or near it. The dealer will draw from the top cards first, and while the low count cards (the high cards) are there, you will make larger bets. When this clump has passed, you will decrease your bets.

For the purpose of shuffle tracking, sitting at third base would best. It boosts the odds of receiving the cut card. Third base also provides more space for the shuffle tracker who needs several sets of chips to count with. You can also play with two hands near the close of a shoe. All you want is to get to cut the cards.

The shuffle tracker can get the cut card in other ways as well. You can ask for it if you do so discreetly. Or you can take advantage when someone else who got the cut card quits the table. If so, it won't hurt to ask for it if you can avoid looking suspicious to the pit boss. Just don't look too keen to cut.

Even if you do not get the cut card, you can and should still observe where the other player cut the decks. If it is a bad cut, then the game may be unplayable and you should depart from that table. The shuffle tracker must be always ready to leave a blackjack table that does not have a good cut, or which cannot be cut in any useful way.